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Emily Johnson is a fan of all things creepy. She writes grounded horror stories focused on dysfunctional familial relationships and the human capacity for evil. Emily was born in a small suburb of Chicago where she has lived her entire life. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Central College with a BA in English/Writing and Interactive Media/Convergent Media. She then received Bachelors Certification in Screenwriting, Directing, and Producing from The Film Connection. Her scripts have received numerous finalist laurels from various competitions or have been selected at different festivals. She was a finalist in the 13 Horror Film and Screenplay competition, and as a result, three of her scripts have been published. She has also placed in the top 50 for the JumpStart writing Competition. She loves blending her classically trained roots with modern storytelling techniques to demonstrate just how passionate she is about the things that go bump in the night.

Known For
Blood and Water


Emily Johnson
Mystery & Suspense Horror

A Jake Paul-esque wannabe social media star learns the price of fame when a trip down the Dark Web catches the attention of a twisted cult leader who runs one of the most vicious places beneath the internet – a red room.