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Ellen is a middlescent, bi-sexual, neuro-diverse, gluten-free, writer for TV, film, theater and podcasts, who hails from NY and lives in LA. She writes “traumedies” and focuses on female protagonists who feel like imposters, desperately trying to fit in. Regardless of genre, Ellen’s work explores sexual identity, peppered with mischief and irreverence. Ellen’s Catholic, Sicilian mom converted for her German, Jewish dad, but would sneak ham sandwiches to the kids in the garage, so it’s no wonder Ellen loves storytelling and food. In NYC, Ellen was a private chef for Oscar-winning writer Horton Foote. He would ask her about food and she would ask him about writing and he ingrained in her that, “It’s all about the characters.” Ellen transplanted to Los Angeles after the success of her one-woman shows and was staffed on the sitcom, MALCOLM & EDDIE. Later, Ellen adopted her Chinese daughter and inadvertently fulfilled her parents’ dreams by working in legal for twenty years. Most recently Ellen wrote for the Netflix show, BROWN & FRIENDS, and will be published in a collection of one-act plays called GUILDED (Feb. 2023). She is also co-producing and co-directing her first short film, FOUND, in Spring 2023.

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