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Eliza Janssen is a young writer from Melbourne, Australia, now based in Los Angeles. In 2012 she was awarded as the John Marsden Young Writer of The Year, and has since received numerous awards for short fiction and screenplays, including VCA's Excellence in Screenwriting Scholarship for her thesis script 'Cookie Crumbles'. An avid viewer and writer of high-concept and horror stories, she seeks to make the kind of self-contained, kooky stories she grew up on.


Eliza Janssen
Mystery & Suspense Horror

In 1965, an astronaut is the sole survivor of a gory outer-space accident - his wife begins to suspect that his strange behaviour in the wake of the tragedy has extra-terrestrial origins.


Eliza Janssen
Drama Comedy

A rebellious Amish teen must search New York City for her meek, runaway younger sister, after the two girls decided to spend their ritual coming-of-age period apart.


Eliza Janssen
Action & Adventure Comedy

Stranded in the Australian outback after her husband's sudden death, a Russian mail-order bride is forced to team up with her reluctant step-daughter to make her dreams of establishing a nail salon come true. Then her former boss, a dangerous mobster, rolls into town. Shit.