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Elisabetha Pejcinoska is of Macedonian descent and grew up in Vienna, Austria, in a cosmopolitan and polyglot environment. She speaks five languages fluently. A graduate of the Krauss Conservertory in Vienna, her classical three year training and talent were featured in many theater productions. She also performed in a leading role at the prestigious National Theater Vienna. In 2007 she was cast in the movie ‘Revanche’ which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. Besides her acting work, Elisabetha built a professional career as a tango dancer.

She then moved to Los Angeles in September 2008 based on an O1 Visa for Extraordinary Ability in Arts. After moving to the United States she booked worked on several productions including a short movie for the United Nations that was shot in Macedonian language. She wrote and produced the web series ‘Beverly Hills Rehab’ where she also played one of the main characters, ‘Ljubica’, an immigrant woman from former Yugoslavia. It was then, when Elisabetha found her passion for working behind the camera, especially in the fields of writing, directing and producing.

In 2013 she teamed up with Blacksmith & Jones.

In 2014 she had her directorial debut with Lost Angeles, a short film she wrote and produced.

In 2016 she entered a contest for the Hollywood Reporter-Defining Moment and is among the 4 semi -finalists.

In 2015 Elisabetha returned to her hometown Vienna and started to work as an Event Manager planning and organizing luxury events.

Since 2017 Elisabetha has been part of building B-1, a luxury fashion store in the heart of Vienna where she is also the store manager.


Elisabetha Pejcinoska
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A married woman keeps the truth about their unborn child from her husband only to find herself the target in a net of lies and intrigues.