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Elisabeth Hayward is an award-winning actress and screenwriter.

Elisabeth’s short screenplay First Kill, a thriller comedy, won “Best Screenplay - Runner Up” at HollyShorts, and “Best Unproduced Script” at the Nice International Film Festival. The completed film, which she starred in, won “Best Short Film” at both the East Lansing Film Festival and the Indie Wisconsin Film Festival. The short also won the Indie Spirit Award for “Best Comedy - Short” at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

Her feature-length screenplay Eter, set in an Ancient Greek matriarchal society, was nominated for “Best Screenplay” at both the Pasadena International Film Festival and the Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Most recently, Elisabeth has been working on a full-length play, The Duke and The Well-Warranted Waif, inspired by Barnabe Riche’s Sappho, Duke of Mantona. The play is written entirely in Elizabethan dialogue and iambic pentameter.

Elisabeth holds a BA in Ancient History from Macquarie University and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity. An Australian native, she now lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her dachshund, Snuggles.


Elisabeth Hayward
Romance Drama

The Island of Eter, Ancient Greece, 4th Century BC: A dying Queen struggles to lead her people as her three daughters vie to ascend the throne in a matrilineal society.


Elisabeth Hayward
Mystery & Suspense Drama

In 1990, Detective Asher solved the Moreton Murders. Thirty years later, the killer writes to Asher, finally confessing to the crimes. The problem is, the convicted person and the person writing the letters…isn’t the same person. We go back to the 90's, as divorce, affairs, murder and tragedy wreak havoc on the lives of those in the quaint English town of Moreton-in-Marsh. Will the truth be uncovered before Asher's untimely death?