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Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Eleonora graduated from Brown University before moving to Los Angeles to act and write. She currently splits her time between Italy and Los Angeles. Eleonora also writes a column for The American Mag in Italia and is the co-founder of Okay, But What Do You Do? a website that interviews women about what their jobs entail day-to-day.


Eleonora Saravalle
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

When three drug dealers get stuck in a car suspended over a cliff, it's not a joke but their worst nightmare, and they quickly learn survival depends on out-witting each other, if they can keep track of who's on their side.


Eleonora Saravalle

When a brain scan reveals that Vic was hit as a child, she feels it explains why she is the way she is. But as pressure from her girlfriend to cope with the trauma grows, Vic is willing to let her present unravel instead of facing her past — that is, until past and present merge in the form of a lemon curd jar.