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Scottish writer with a few varied scripts under my belt now.

I have several of those scripts currently hosted on my website - http://scotlandscripts.com/ - that I will also upload here soon! Thanks for stopping by,



Donald Smith
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

(UPDATED 5/3/17 - AFTER BLCKLST EVALUATIONS) The captain of a military cargo ship finds his mission to deliver a weapon defense system to a deep-space resource planet compromised by intergalactic space pirates, forcing his disabled vessel to an alien planet where he finds descendants of the S.S. Atlantica, a spacecraft that has been missing for some 300 years.


Donald Smith

A determined young English woman relocates to New York to leave behind her old life. But her world is turned upside down when the new friends and family who are dearest to her are struck by tragedy and drama, forcing her down a path of vengeance from which she may not return.