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Narrative and commercial writer, director, and SUV survivor trying to live and write better stories. Because stories matter.


Dominic DiMaria
Drama Comedy

A wannabe professional writer fights for his goals and relationships through the monotony of managing an esteemed local grocery store. Then he gets hit by a car.


Dominic DiMaria
Drama Action & Adventure

Atu, a young tribal ruler with a long-kept secret, must choose between maintaining peace among her people by holding to their traditions and honoring her closest friendship by bucking the system. Everything changes when a new threat dawns on the horizon in this epic high drama mini-series that can best be described as APOCALYPTO meets GAME OF THRONES in ancient tribal Africa.


Dominic DiMaria
Drama Horror

An Italian espresso salesman turned silver prospector and an ex-slave turned fur trapper must enlist the help of Nikola Tesla to repel an alien invasion in the year 1893


Dominic DiMaria
Drama Romance

The mysterious Traveler Soren is sent on a journey to a terrestrial dimension with a mission that will turn this new world, and the lives of everybody in it, upside down. STAR TREK meets LORD OF THE RINGS in this adaptation of the first installment in the popular novel series.


Dominic DiMaria
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A year after his wife is murdered by a mysterious new criminal who calls himself Apothecary, Detective Reed returns to the force determined to take him, and the rest of the criminals in the city, down once and for all.