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Long story short: When I was in highschool I wanted to be an actor like Martin Lawrence, so I signed up and performed in every school play. I was in the drama club too. I ended up graduating with no real plan on how to get in the business so I joined the Navy. I served 4 years active and 4 years inactive reserve. Following that I became a truck driver because I didn't want anyone standing over my shoulder, telling me what to do. I attended Tidewater Community College part time and received a Certificate for HVAC technician. Same job in the Navy. Also a back up plan in case trucking didn't work. One day I showed my wife and son a picture of me in highschool with a couple of people that made it into "Hollywood " Artel Walker, Dahmer 2002. Nelsen Ellis, Truebloods. And Metra Gilliard, executive producer: What women want ciroc commercial. Then they asked me why I didn't make it. I said because of my mom and our financial situation. BUT...... I could still could make it because it's never too late. So I started writing.

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