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Derek Quick (Negane Meno) is a Native American (Ottawa)/Hispanic Film Director and Disabled U.S. Coast Guard Veteran of 10 years.

Derek's Film Kommando 1944 a WWII film about the Japanese Americans forced into Internment camps in Manzanar California won over 160 awards including Outstanding World War II Short Film Winner at the 2019 Spielberg's Band Of brothers film festival in Normandy France.

Derek's film Kommando 1944 also premiered at Oscar Qualifying festival Short Shorts in Japan, and Cannes at the American Pavilion.

Derek's Current film Camping just hit the 2023 Festival circuit and is in the works for a feature version of the film. "Camping" tells the story of a homeless African-American mother and her 7-year-old daughter living in their van; and their struggle to survive a troubled night working as a rideshare driver.

The film shines a light on the growing "working homeless" crisis around the world.

Known For
Kommando 1944
Special Skills
Film and Photography


Derek Quick
Drama Western

A Native American young man is forced to serve in the U.S. Life saving service in the treacherous waters of the pacific northwest to save his Chinook tribe from the reservations, at the turn of the century.


Derek Quick
Drama Comedy

In order to regain custody of her daughter, a young black mother who is struggling to make ends meet by living out of her van and working as a cleaner, comes up with a plan to rob a megachurch.