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Dave Miller
Action & Adventure Comedy

The History of Hollywood is awash with canonizing tomes about Federal Law Enforcement, from "The Silence of the Lambs", to "Argo", to "NCIS". When it comes to the "The Detail", however, things well... take a slightly different approach. Thanks to a mis-translation of terrorist activity by the CIA, the Agency informs federal law enforcement that there is an imminent threat against a prominent member of the US Executive. The terrorists were planning on assassinating Assistant Director of the FBI Vincent Parris, the world's foremost counter-terrorism expert, yet, through losses in translation, the Agency determines there is instead imminent threat against the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. As the NEA has no agents at its disposal, yet in need of staffing a protective detail immediately, Federal Agencies around Washington are asked to cough up bodies to protect the Chairman. Loth to protect the prima donna Chairman, Federal Agencies instead cough up only the worst of each their organizations. Enter Special Agent in Charge Damon Brink, a Secret Service agent who is under suspension for getting the DHS Directors sixteen year old daughter "trauma naked" during an asthma attack; Shift Leader Garth Schoenborn of Force Protection Division, the "Literal Gear Queer", that is, a brilliant tactical and technical agent who is at the same time, nevertheless, fabulously gay; Rod and Ron Clutter of the Diplomatic Security Service, two identical twins as much as they are identical miscreants, but because of their perfect likenesses Internal Affairs is never able to determine which one was the actual culprit; Special Agent Khaliya Abdulaziz of the FBI, unpopular for being female, unpopular for being Muslim, and most unpopular for being a twelfth-degree blackbelt in Kung Fu which led her to deck the FBI Director; and finally, Advance Agent Chrissie Pizzuti from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whose beautiful body has managed to manipulate more supervisors that she ever did criminals in the field. There's nothing wrong with lionizing Federal Law Enforcement... there's certainly nothing wrong with lampooning it, either. The series is meant to be shot on location in Washington, DC, incorporating public figures of the Federal Government playing themselves, much as Hollywood celebrities did in "Entourage" and political figures did in the movie, “Dave”. In times of decreasing faith in Washington, "The Detail"’s off-the-wall comedy will speak to America's multiple apprehensions of the current age.


Dave Miller
Action & Adventure Drama

The "lost quatrains" of Nostradamus are at last discovered in an accidental archeological find. Yet their discovery touches off a series of bizarre and dangerous events.


Dave Miller
Drama Action & Adventure

The harrowing true story of Operation Able Archer in 1983, the NATO training exercise that nearly accidentally triggered a nuclear war.