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Writer Scripts


David Margulis
Horror Mystery & Suspense

Adam, a spiritual guru, seduces a novitiate (Joshua) into the metaphysical world of reliving the past. We find that time revolves around itself in a small New England town. Where the past, present and future are all connected. A place where the history of Pilgrims and witch-hunts cannot be forgotten. Where past is prologue. Connecting time and space, Adam is searching for his true love and his vengeance. Unrequited love is painful. Joshua, drunk with this new way is taken to the corners of time where his soul is seduced for his faith. As we visit the horrors of mankind through history, where does it end? In the beginning.


David. Margulis
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

George and his buddies were heroes in Desert Storm. Left to die in the sand by their commander and nemesis, Johnny O. Serving their country now means red-neck style militia practice at the dump, shooting rats. Ex-patriots with too much whiskey and time on their hands. Therapy sessions at the dump take on a new twist as Johnny O returns to re-install them as legitimate U. S. Special Forces. The Minutemen are now absorbed into a nationwide routing of illegal but active militias. When Johnny O uses Russian troops to take a secret hidden missile bunker in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for his secret comrades, it is up to the Minutemen to save the United States and the world.


David Margulis
Action & Adventure Drama

Tom is a self diagnosed delusional hypochondriac. He is afraid of most everything but in a courtroom he is a ruthless lawyer. In the intangible world of arguing, he is master. His co-dependent girl of ten years is getting the marriage itch. She’s going to cut him off from sex if he doesn’t pop the question. Tom must overcome his fears of commitment stemming from his childhood to stay in the bedroom. Now arguing to be engaged to be engaged, a wealthy client pays for a trip to Germany for Tom to find his insane son, an Actor re-creating the Kings wars of King Leopold. Here in Germany, the pretend wars aren’t so fake and Tom is learning the value of true courage. When Tom's girl is kidnapped, he must uncover the frozen triangle, a diamond smuggling plot that turns on him, as he gets closer to the truth. Now the FBI and Interpol are after him, or are they? Tom must find his true love and face the source of all his fears.


David Margulis
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Joe has followed in his illegitimate father’s footsteps. He also makes the same mistakes. Joe is drawn into the mobster underworld his father leads but must choose his own destiny. As the story unfolds, we find out his father’s story and that Joe will find that history does repeat itself.


David Margulis
Drama Family

Chad Bennett III is a true yuppie. When his classic BMWtii breaks down in the desert, he is rescued and compelled to follow the Grateful Dead across the country with three Deadheads. Angel, Sky and Swiller open up Chad’s eyes to a new world of modern hippies, dread locks and Jerry Garcia. Experience the “Tour” as Chad must make it home by vending at shows and get back to his job on the stock market and re-kindle his failed engagement with his girl, Muffy.