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David J. Buchanan is a black Minneapolis-based writer/director whose work includes Rideshare, See You Soon, and the acclaimed feature film, BLACK in Minneapolis (available on Amazon, iTunes, and Vimeo). A recipient of the 2020 McKnight Media Artist Fellowship, and a 2022 Catalyst Story Institute alum, David started his career in documentary filmmaking at 14 years old in which his work included many localized stories around social justice. At 15, he won the Screenlabs Challenge Audience Award at the Screenwriters’ Workshop, where he developed his screenplays. He has been Top 10% in the Nicholl Academy Fellowship in 2021, and Quarterfinalist in Final Drafts’ Big Break in 2013. At 20, he worked on his first commercial project, where he learned about the craft of lighting. Today, he continues to work as a writer-director for his production company We-Co Films.

Known For
BLACK IN MINNEAPOLIS - available on Amazon, iTunes and Vimeo!
Special Skills
Film and Photography


David J. Buchanan
Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A genetically engineered humanoid designed to prevent impending war becomes torn between his mission and his inner morality when he crosses paths with a conflicted preacher.


David J. Buchanan

A drug-addicted woman has to take care of her mentally handicapped sister after their mother's sudden death.


David J. Buchanan
Mystery & Suspense Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A fashion model falls in love with a god-complex artist and finds herself yielding to the darkest desires of her soul.