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David Gwinn has been writing high concept Sci-fi, Action, Thriller and Fantasy films for over 15 years. Whether they are high or low budget, David's stories are fast-paced spectaculars that take the audience on adventures that make the adrenaline pump.

As Executive Producer and writer for "Dark Iris", David won the Mary Austin Award for Excellence in Producing.

David Gwinn is also known for Air Force One (1997), The Girl at the End of the World (2014), The Undetected (2016), Dark Iris (2018), and Turnover (2019).

Known For
Air Force One, The Girl at the End of the World, The Undetected, Dark Iris, Turnover
Highest Staffing Level
Executive Producer


David Gwinn
Mystery & Suspense Action & Adventure

It’s up to a washed-up reporter to investigate election rigging that leads to a plot to bring down the US.