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Writer Scripts

45 RPM

Darlene Eliopoulos
Comedy Romance

Our memories of an experience or a person can be found in music. When we hear a song it always takes us back in time… Logline: A woman and her mother play an old 45 record which transports them back in time in order to save a loved one. Rating: PG-13 Comparable to: “Peggy Sue Got Married” meets “Empire.” Background: 45 RPM is dedicated to a profound musician and friend of mine. He lives on in the music he left behind. It’s Los Angeles, 1993. Rap and Hip Hop music are dominating the radio. Danny Ellis and Eddie Martinez are R&B hold outs. Their group, “The Reel Deel” is on the charts but their record company’s interest appears to be waning. Eddie is pressuring Danny to sign with ostentatious hip hop producer, Draymond Livingston. When Danny’s girlfriend, Coco tells him she’s pregnant, Danny signs with Draymond. The duo are leaving for their first tour when a phone call from Coco prompts Danny to abandon Eddie at the airport. Danny dies in a fatal car accident. Coco and Eddie blame each other for what happened. Draymond sensationalizes the tragedy creating posthumous fame for Danny and gold records for Eddie. Coco gives birth to Jasmine and loses herself in alcohol. The story picks up in present day Los Angeles. It’s the twenty-fifth anniversary of Danny’s death. Jasmine is an accomplished singer and musician recording a tribute album to Danny. Jasmine and Eddie are legally battling Draymond over The Reel Deel’s music rights. Jasmine makes the annual trek to her grandmother’s house to be with Coco on the anniversary of Danny’s death. Jasmine finds Coco drunk in her old bedroom. Coco is listening to a 45 record Danny gave her weeks before his death. Jasmine tries to calm Coco down by turning off the stereo. Outside it is storming. An astral phenomena is being reported on the news. The record won’t stop playing. Jasmine eventually yanks the cord from the wall. Both Jasmine and Coco are electrocuted. Jasmine and Coco wake up in 1993...