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Writer Scripts


Darel Tidwell
Drama Romance

Marie Holmes, single mother of four, struggles to take care of her family in the small town of Shallotte, NC. Her boy friend, Lamarr “Hot Sauce” McDow, is busted for dealing heroin and Marie finds herself alone to take care of the kids. For weeks, Marie maintains as best as she can. She holds on to her love for Hot Sauce and daydreams about their better moments together. She reminisces when she walks to work, during work and anytime she feels the weight of her situation getting the best of her. One day, Marie decides to give her mother, Fontella, a one dollar bill, and asks her to purchase a lottery ticket for her. Fontella agrees. Still burdened with the issues of everyday life, Marie stuffs the lottery ticket in her purse and forgets about it until she is confronted with her utilities being disconnected. She scrambles through her purse in search of money to pay the bill only to find the lottery ticket she had forgotten about. Marie checks the numbers and they are winners. Marie begins what seems to be a new life. She has money, cars and houses. She bails Hot Sauce out of jail and once again, she has family together again. A turn that should be for the better takes on a new life of ills. Hot Sauce is busted once again while Marie is criticized and plastered all over the news and social media as a pariah. Marie takes flight by abandoning a newly purchased home as she attempts to flee persecution. She again bails out Hot Sauce amidst public pressure and the tension gets worse as her new status brings out the home wreckers. Marie’s final straw comes from the least expected place. Her church pastor sues her for $10 Million. She goes into depression. She reaches her lowest point. It is at this moment that Marie takes stock in her life and begins to seek healing. She claws her way back as she begins to redefine herself on her own terms. She finds solace in her new life endeavors of whole fitness of the mind, body and spirit.