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Writer Scripts


Daniel Fisch

When their smarmy competition steals their thunder (and their recipe), a ragtag group of diverse yet bumbling brewers woo the biggest investor around, and jostle for exposure in the up and coming craft beer scene of East LA.


Daniel Fisch
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A missing girl’s body is found burned in a wildfire. A disgraced private eye with a painkiller problem struggles with his grip on reality, but can’t get the victim out of his head. A hotheaded sheriff’s deputy - and daughter of the LA County Sheriff - digs deeper into the case when it’s brushed under the rug. Her charming old flame, now an FBI agent, is in over his head and reveals a connection to a human trafficking ring. The unlikely trio must learn to trust one another, and navigate this gritty web of corruption and coverup.


Daniel Fisch
Action & Adventure Horror

A slacker rock superfan must finally grow up to win back his girlfriend, and save the world, when he discovers that his favorite band are actually body-snatching alien invaders brainwashing the Earth with their music.


Daniel Fisch
Drama Western

The Gold Rush is in full swing. San Francisco is a lawless, wild west powder keg. A local business tycoon consolidates his power as a mysterious group bombs his dig sites. A female miner, hell-bent on getting her sister out of the city, takes aim at the land he stole. The long lost son of the tycoon’s war buddy becomes a pawn in his schemes. How many graves will they dig before they strike gold?