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Writer Scripts


Dan V. Shea
Comedy Drama

To finally match his awesome family’s super awesome accomplishments, a perfectly average kid must battle the girl he likes in order to win the school’s perfect attendance award.


Dan V. Shea

When a reclusive children’s book author befriends a sick student whose reality is ripped apart, he must resurrect his belief in the raw force of imagination and selfless love in order to save her life. The Black List Professional Evaluation: "This project is a gem that merits being produced and released, even if it must at first be sold to festivals and then promoted on limited screens until its genius catches on."


Dan V. Shea
Mystery & Suspense Drama

When Brilliant Crowchild, a biracial Criminal Investigation Command agent, investigates murder and drug smuggling in and around Fort Wainwright, Alaska during a brutal winter, she comes face to face with her past, her heritage, her sexuality, and her agnosticism, and struggles to integrate these into her sense of identity. The deeper she digs, the more she uncovers an unsettling truth: Native American gods and animal spirits are journeying into our grim, mortal reality, perhaps to end it, once and for all.