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Writer/Director/Artist - Dan Casey

Accomplished Digital Artist and Storyteller with 25+ years of experience in the Motion-Picture and TV industries.

Skills Include:

CGI and Stop motion experience with a focus on Production Design and Art Direction, VFX Supervision, Looks Development, Matte Painting, Env. Design and Modeling, and Compositing, all with a strong focus on Team Building, Planning, and Scheduling. TV commercials and TV Episodic experience includes, Animation Direction, Art Direction and Design, Project break downs/bids, day-to-day scheduling and staffing assessments.

Projects Include:

Art Director - Netflix Animation/Paper Kite - “STEPS” (feature film)

Set Designer - Encore Ent. - “Super Girl” (TV season 6)

Pre-Production Designer (Environment and Costume) - Laika Ent. - “Get Back” (feature film)

Pre-Production Set Designer - Laika Ent. - “Wildwood” (feature film)

Additional tasks and responsibilities include - Sr. Digital Artist, Director of CG and VFX Supervisor

- Missing link, Kubo, The Boxtrolls, ParaNorman, and Coraline.

Past projects also Include:

Lead Artist/Texture Supervisor - Square USA - “Final Fantasy: The Spirit within”

VFX Supervisor - The Visitor (TV season 1)

VFX Supervisor for Fox Kids (multiple projects).

Short films:

Art Director/Lead Artist - “The Alchemist's Letter”

Producer/Lead Artist - “The Mouse that Soared”

Lead FX Artist - “First Bloom”

Known For
20 years of creative work at Laika Ent.
Highest Staffing Level


Dan Casey
Action & Adventure Drama

Eight exceptional women will make up a unique ensemble team of heroes called the “Witches”. Each team member brings strengths and a mysterious past handed down by their father. Their pasts will help them push through to victory against the horrors of war, secret societies, flying saucers and mind-controlling Nazis, but their individual strengths will be what ultimately defines them.