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I was born into a multi-cultural family, from a diverse background. Having travelled, visited, worked and lived in different countries has made me appreciative of global diversity and appeal. I’m a person that takes risks and has no fear of exploring the challenge of unchartered territory, going or living outside of my comfort zone. I’ve also learnt to work and live with people to whom English is a second language, adapting my communication skills, in order to get my point across and be understood. My ability to work independently and focus on the task at hand, as well as being a team player, has been one of my most treasured accomplishments. I absolutely love home and garden construction projects; it gives me such a sense of accomplishment and pride to: plan, design, prepare, execute and complete projects on time and within budget.

After sixth grade, I hated school. I made up every excuse in the book not to go; and at times got away with it, my parents weren’t very hard on me, although I was otherwise self-disciplined. I had extreme difficulty (and still do) with advanced maths, except geometry and found all the rest of school boring, save for creative writing which I absolutely enjoyed and excelled in. As an adult, I’ve experienced: the very sudden loss of my parents, my home, an at-home business and the tragedy of hurricane Katrina. I was there when it hit and returned two weeks later, lived on a cruise ship for six months, then found other accommodations. I’m have incurable wanderlust (travel log: 15 countries, 14 US states and lived in northern CA) 4 years after Katrina I left New Orleans, to work on a cruise ship as a portrait photographer, whilst planning what other creative job I wanted to undertake and where I wanted to live. Nearly 11 years ago, I bought a one-way ticket to the UK, carried on in photography, then acting and freelance writing and scriptwriting. But now I most happily reside in beautiful Miami Beach. Should have done it much sooner.

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Cynthia Garbutt

A very talented drag queen girl group, working in the dodgiest cabaret in London, gets the last-minute chance to tour across the US for Labor Day weekend.


Cynthia Garbutt
Drama Mystery & Suspense

An ethnically-diverse young woman from nowheresville is catapulted to fame, as a transgender supermodel and becomes a victim of gaslighting from the people that she trusted most. When convinced their advice is rooted in greed and manipulation of her lucrative financial assets, she more than evens the score.


Cynthia Garbutt
Drama Comedy

Fresh out of grad school, Tiffany leaves her home and Dad, to live in London with her estranged mother, to make a go of their sorted relationship, cope with her mother's undisclosed rehab status, establish her career, and struggles with the cultural differences that she's inherited.


Cynthia Garbutt

A once devoted Jehovah's Witness minister and his confidant, become targets of attack when his testimony and evidence in a civil lawsuit, will expose a deceitful child sex predator, within the flock and a massive pedo-sex cover-up by the church's hierarchy.


Cynthia Garbutt
Drama Comedy

The story of an outgoing, curious and unconventional girl, that's from first-generation Latin American parents of diverse socio-economic, religious backgrounds and mixed-raced, growing up during the 1960s and 70s, in New Orleans.


Cynthia Garbutt
Action & Adventure Comedy

A decade has passed, two partners in crime attempt to mend their long-time friendship despite their deal that went bust, their separate paths, and the dangerous job they undertake one last time.


Cynthia Garbutt
Action & Adventure Animation

Four animated and adventurous preschoolers turn their weekly routine bore into an adventure of historical and scientific discovery, through time travel, with the aid of a portal.