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Courtnee Zambrano is a screenwriter and Climate Storytelling Consultant. Former assistant to Oscar-winners Terry George, Grant Heslov, and George Clooney. Production assistant on top films and shows, including The Colbert Report (COMEDY CENTRAL), Sully (WARNER BROTHERS), The Affair (SHOWTIME), Birth of a Nation (FOX SEARCHLIGHT), Money Monster (TRISTAR), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (20TH CENTURY FOX), The Only Living Boy in New York (AMAZON), The Wolf of Wall Street (PARAMOUNT), Doll & Em (HBO), and Mozart in the Jungle (AMAZON). Episodic Level 2 Screenwriting: Sundance Collab, Core Screenwriting Elements: Sundance Collab, Best Spec Screenplay at the BEA Festival for Mad Men "Blackout." Courtnee researches for Screenwriter Scott Z.Burns and is an Associate Producer on his upcoming Apple TV+ Climate Change series "Extrapolations."

Special Skills
Environmental Science


Courtnee Zambrano
Mystery & Suspense Drama

A young rising star at a honey import company becomes the target in a global trade war when her boss disappears. Suddenly the scapegoat, she must quickly prove her innocence by finding the truth about his transgressions.


Courtnee Zambrano

After escaping their flooding modern city, an Indigenous Alaskan woman takes her suicidal daughter back to the Arctic land she once called home. When an incident separates them, the young girl must finally commune with nature to survive.


Courtnee Zambrano
Drama Mystery & Suspense

Spurred by the realization that natural resources will not sustain the future generation, children have taken power, and yet their only course of action is to resign from consciousness. They stop eating, drinking, speaking, and fall into a catatonic state. Their parents and caretakers struggle for answers, while also waking up to their own denial.


Courtnee Zambrano
Mystery & Suspense

An ambitious Spanish translator is assigned to support an insufferable MI6 agent on his mission to kill Castro.