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"The trick William Potter, is not minding that it hurts." Writer, Filmmaker, Native of Chicago but moved out to Los Angeles a few years ago. I work as a TD/Switcher on various reality shows/Sitcoms. Currently seeking Lit Management/Representation


Cody James, Jeffrey James Ong
Horror Action & Adventure

After a deadly tsunami crashes in Thailand, a woman and three other survivors are forced to fight for their lives when they end up trapped in a place that holds something far more terrifying. Tone: The Impossible meets The Shallows


Cody James Ong, Jeffrey James Ong, Ryan James McGrath
Mystery & Suspense Horror

When a group of friends rob a small town raffle in rural Montana, the ensuing police pursuit leaves them trapped in a cave with a much graver threat: Two slumbering grizzly bears. Tone: The Descent meets Don't Breathe


Cody James Ong, Mark Gonzales

Sam Fine and his team of quirky camp counselors run the world’s worst wilderness camp for at-risk youths. While attempting to give children guidance, the team struggles with their own egos, insecurities, and the occasional paranormal sighting.


Cody James, Jeffrey James Ong
Horror Family

Set on the American Frontier: A young man struggles to protect his family during the 1800s when his father is taken over by a terrible curse. Tone: The Witch meets Predator