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Cody Hoffman has been dreaming up TV shows (and occasionally forcing friends to act them out) for as long as he can remember. Although he has been developing ideas and writing in earnest for several years, he has only recently come to believe that the quality of his work is good enough to avoid embarrassment if he actually tried to show it to people who could do something with it. He may not have any professional credits yet, but he is hopeful that someone out there will want to change that and allow him to quit his menial office job, where he spends most of his working hours on personal writing.


Cody Hoffman

Brothers Juris and Jose Brothers encounter both mundane and extraordinary aspects of their unenviable lives with differing levels of enthusiasm. Juris, sleeping on his younger brother's couch, is content with the part-time grind at a gas station, while Jose strives fruitlessly for career success that continues to elude him. Despite their differences, each guy has his brother's back through the misadventures they face as a result of their respective inclinations to simply be happy or yearn for something more.