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Cliff Schwarz is successful Commercial Music Composer that has also recently written several really awesome screen plays.

Known For
Orignal Music show theme for the Invisable Man, Crossing Over With John Edwards, News Open themes f


Cliff Schwarz
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

In the future there are no prisons, convicts serve time amongst the public wearing an artificial intelligence corrections vest that can control and modify behaviour. When a government official shows up dead, the balance of law and order is left in the hands of the whoever has control of the convicts.


Cliff Schwarz

After his son dies in a surfing accident, a science teacher discovers water may hold the answers to his secret past, and reunite him with his daughter.


Cliff Schwarz
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure

A computer programmer and a sex robot work together to save the world from a man made catastrophic event that will kill 90% of the global population.