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Writer Scripts


Cindy Matta
Action & Adventure Family

A single-dad, biochemist, perfecting a cure for Ebola, discovers his employers are planning to drop the lethal virus strain on the public sector to profit from sales of his vaccine. And so, he steals his lab work and samples with plans to turn the evidence over to the Centers For Disease and Control (CDC), but is forced into hiding when the company pegs him as a bio-terrorist. In order to complete his mission, he abandons his teenage son, hides the cure in an avalanche which leads to a perilous chase through the snowy back-country in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his bi-athlete girlfriend leading the way.


Cindy Matta
Action & Adventure Drama

A Marine Raider returns from a traumatic mission in Afghanistan only to become the prime suspect in the disappearance of two women when he stumbles on a human-trafficking/drug ring using the New York City taxi system.


Cindy Matta
Animation Family

After a mixed-race pup loses his family in the wilderness, he's mistaken as a lost dog and thrown into the shelter where he goes through the five stages of grief on the journey to finding his "forever home."