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2019 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist for my script, AIN’T NO COWBOYS IN NASHVILLE (Crime/Drama).

Won or placed in over 150 screenwriting contests from 2016 to 2021.


Christopher O’Bryant
Horror Mystery & Suspense

n 1894 a Bounty Hunter and a rookie Pinkerton Detective search for an heiress in the Arizona territory and the only way to save her from a cult is to reveal the secrets they each keep hidden.


Christopher O’Bryant

A man takes his dog for last out and returns to a house he isn’t known in. Now, on the outside he must survive without an identity, avoid authorities and the dark things trying to kill him as he seeks a way back to the life he left behind.


Christopher J. O'Bryant
Mystery & Suspense Drama

2019 Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist — Under the lights of Music City, an ex-con and a bartender plan a simple crime but it falls apart when an aspiring singer walks in on the wrong man’s arm. Violence, death and mayhem follow as no one is quite who they seem to be.


Christopher J. O'Bryant
Mystery & Suspense Drama

After losing his job a gifted but gruff doctor ventures to Africa to retrieve his brother's body and winds up a key element in a government conspiracy while trying help those in need as best he can.


Christopher J. O'Bryant
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

2017 ScriptFest Runner Up! In the underbelly of Las Vegas, P.I. Neal "Hey" Heywood is forced into a missing persons case while trying to help out a friend, leaving him caught in a turf war between mobsters, all while dealing with the dissolution of his marriage.


Christopher J. O’Bryant
Mystery & Suspense Drama

Debt collection is a multi-billion dollar industry. Career collector, JOSH, life falls apart when he repossesses the wrong car and winds up confronted by dangerous men who kill to keep their secrets.