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Christopher is of Lebanese-Nigerian heritage. He has been working in the cutting edge of studio films for over 20 years. Early on in his career he worked on films such as the Harry Potter franchise, developing new filming and VFX techniques that changed the industry as we know it. He has worked on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, two generations of X-Men film, Indiana Jones for Steven Spielberg at Lucasfilm and many more. He was one of the senior team members responsible for winning an Oscar and a BAFTA for Disney’s groundbreaking The Jungle Book.

He has been focusing his attention more to directing and writing and extending his work designing and directing VFX and stunt sequences in films. He was a senior member of the team designing and realising key sequences from Artemis Fowl and has been pioneering a new technique for pre-directing complex sequences live, weeks before a shoot. This was successfully implemented on The King's Man, The Midnight Sky and Jingle Jangle, allowing for elaborate sequences to be filmed efficiently.

Known For
Guardians of the Galaxy, The Jungle Book, The King's Man, X-Men, Indiana Jones, The Midnight Sky

Writer currently has no listed scripts.