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Futurist. Fabulist. Frondeur.

Known For
Avalon, Hoopty Time Machines, Love in the Time of Kaiju, Wunderland
Highest Staffing Level
Special Skills


Christopher DeWan
Drama Mystery & Suspense

When her progressive high school overhauls its curriculum around the new virtual reality gaming platform "Wunderland," an outcast teen hacker discovers the game contains clues about her missing mother. But if she wants to jump down the rabbit hole, she'll need to take big risks in and out of the game, and it might cost her best friend's life. Does she even want to know what she'll find? Veronica Mars meets The Matrix. Winner, ISA Fast track Fellowship.


Christopher DeWan
Drama Horror

A washed-out minor league baseball player sees a chance to make good when his hometown is upset by a sudden spate of apparent Bigfoot sightings—but his plan for a hoax-filled "Bigfoot safari" gets suddenly real when he puts his estranged wife and son in danger. A 2015 PAGE finalist.


Christopher DeWan
Drama Horror

A family of fortune-tellers make their living through Tarot, horse races, and long cons until they're confronted by a future they never saw coming: one of them has real power, and everyone wants a piece of it. He's going to have to decide what he really wants to be when he grows up.