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After working as an executive assistant for the President Of Entertainment Brian Graden at MTV Networks, Chris White served as an ongoing network producer on the hit MTV horror franchise 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16'. Due to the original film’s positive reception and earning the network some of its highest ratings in 2009, a 'MSPS 16' sequel was made and premiered in October 2010 followed by the third and final installment in 2012. Later, Chris co-produced MTV's successful spring break thriller 'The Truth Below'. Along with his work at MTV, Chris executive produced the much-buzzed-about ‘D Is For Dogfight’ segment featured in the highly anticipated horror anthology feature “THE ABC's Of Death” which premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival followed by a theatrical release in 2013 through Magnet Releasing, the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures.

Chris joined the multi-media company The Collective at the start of 2013 and supervised production, development, and acquisitions as part of the Salient Media division. He executive produced V/H/S: Viral the third installment of the successful found-footage horror anthology franchise V/H/S. Chris also oversaw the acquisition of films for the Bloody-Disgusting Selects series of independent horror films.

In 2019 Chris created/produced the sci-fi anthology Portals that featured the directing talents behind V/H/S, The Blair Witch Project, The Night Comes For Us & Beyond Skyline, distributed worldwide by Screen Media. 2021 saw the release of the sci-fi anthology 'DOORS' which Chris created and produced along with producing partners BoulderLight Pictures and Bloody-Disgusting, distributed worldwide by Epic Pictures.

Currently, Chris has the feature film ‘Iced’ in development with Oscar-winning producer/director Lee Daniels, based on the critically acclaimed novel by Ray Shell. He also co-created/wrote a new television series 'Carolina Red' with his writing partner Ray Shell which they developed for BAFTA-Winning UK-based production company Sugar Films and Sky Studios.

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Chris White, Ray Shell
Drama Comedy

Nearing the end of a long, restless Nashville summer, PEGGY ANN BARNES, once the fierce, beautiful matriarch of a proud southern tribe, lies dying in a hospice bed, all but lost to Alzheimer’s and cancer. In the years since her husband ALBERT BARNES took a gun and shot his brains out, Peggy has retreated from the world and her family. Her family thinks she’s incapable of speech and thought but Peggy, through her mind’s eye or God’s mind and eyes, sees and hears everything – things she cannot know, things she can’t see – she’s on her way to finally being free...all she has to do first is die.In crisis mode, Peggy’s three daughters LOIS, LANA and PAM are forced to come together in a time of turmoil and transition for each of them. We see the Barnes family torn apart by a series of exploding bombshells, forcing them to examine their personal value to themselves and each other.Lois, Lana and Pam discover that Peggy’s death confirms the unspoken but rumored Cherokee bloodline in the Barnes family and unlocks an inheritance of hundreds-of-millions of dollars, hidden until the death of Peggy, because she was a Barnes by marriage not by blood. Suddenly in possession of a vast family fortune, the Barnes sisters, reunited in sorrow, have the chance to live a life beyond their wildest dreams – or their worst nightmares.Set against the backdrop of some of the most tumultuous and traumatic events America has seen this century, CAROLINA RED leads our audience through a dramatic exploration of the sudden death of early-era Obama optimism, through the sad dissolution and triumphant expansion of these two extraordinary families as they fight through the frustrations of a polarized American society, the constant undercurrent of racial tension, the rise of domestic terrorism and the challenging ascent of Donald Trump.