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Christopher John Chater was born in Burbank, California, but he's lived all over: the East Coast, the West Coast, and the South. After working in several industries, including a production assistant in the film industry, a song plugger in the music industry, and a bartender and server in the hospitality industry, he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of writing novels and screenplays. He studied screenwriting at Watkins Film School and, most recently, he completed Corey Mandell’s Professional Screenwriting Workshop. His novels include: The Traveler's Companion, Omegasphere, Aquarius Rising, Out of Body, and the award-winning series Dating in the Apocalypse.

Known For
Out of Body, Dating in the Apocalypse, Aquarius Rising, The Traveler's Companion


Chris Chater

Harley Baker’s obsession with the afterlife causes him to experiment with astral projection, but when an evil spirit named Horace steals his body during an OBE, he’s left stranded in the astral plane. To stop the demon from manipulating his friends, hijacking the global economy, and enslaving the human race, he “possesses” people willing to help him.