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Action & Adventure Drama

It's talking about the end of World War II, the end of the European battlefield, and the unfinished phase of the Asian battlefield.Whiter is for his wife's wish. Ran is for his father innocence. They met in a trade. They also met Scarlett and Irina. However, due to Suzuko appearance, Whiter, Ran, Suzuko, Scarlett are caught by the militant-Colm. After Jatin's help, they escape. Jones and Colm look for them all the time with many methods. And they encountered many difficulties in finding hot pressing experiments. Finally, at the expense of a lot of things, the goal was achieved.One side, in the film, through the performers of the singing in plot. Increase the aurally appealing. The other side, the plot also criticizes the person who your own purpose achieved by injure others. Through the exchange of music and words. The mood of the viewer are touched from multifaceted.