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Cecilia is an assertive Italian writer and aspiring director looking for a place where her ideas may become more than pages. After having studied scenography, she spent her time writing about personal doubt, difference of opinions, morals and ideologies, whether in the form of emotional dramas, black comedies, silly nonsense or solo plays.

Known For
The Ambiguous Couch Affair, Mythical History, Blooming Orchard
Special Skills
Foreign Languages


Cecilia Michelangeli
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In this oddly funny anthology series, a quirky professor tells legendary stories that have been passed down by word of mouth and that may now seem unbelievable and ridiculous. Given that it’s impossible to know for sure the aspects and traits of these Greek (Indian, Celtic, Etruscan, Egyptian and Mesopotamian…) mythical characters, this choice is left to the imagination of who recounts or listens to their stories. Therefore it doesn't matter their sex/ethnicity/age, since if they fit the role they are able to reincarnate their spirit and their intents. After all, we don’t always imagine things that make sense.


Cecilia Michelangeli

After a pregnant, failed robber gets stupidly shot by the owner of a bankrupt furniture store, all their hopes will absurdly depend on whose crimes will be overlooked.