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Cara Greene Epstein is not a doctor, but she has played one on TV. A Jewegian (Jewish Norwegian) from Minnesota, Cara's award-winning first feature film "Dragonfly", which she wrote and co-directed, was filmed in Minneapolis and you can now catch it on Amazon Prime. As a TV writer, Cara was selected for the 2018 and 2019 SeriesFest Writer's Room Series, for which she developed and wrote episodes for Unreal Media's Drop Shot Divas and Growing Up Old. She's also an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Screenwriting Fellow, a Sundance Writers Lab finalist and her scripts have placed at the Austin Film Festival for three-years running.

In June 2020, Cara delivered a TED Talk to an empty Wrigley Field. She figured that was it. But in a bizarre twist of fate, that talk "How Theater Weathers Wars, Outlasts Empires, and Survives Pandemics" now has 1.25 million views. In it, Cara focuses on how we can use this time apart to build a more just and representative world together, on stage and off. The talk is heavily informed by her work as a teaching artist with Steppenwolf and Looking Glass Theatre companies in Chicago. Cara is currently developing a TV series that is a satire of the whole TED/TEDx talk world, called FREDx.


Cara Greene Epstein

When Megan fell in love with David, they compromised - she converted to Judaism and he converted to Minnesotan. Now married with two kids, their family keeps losing their balance as they try to stick the landing and find belonging on the slippery Minnesota (n)ice.