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Cameran is a writer and producer in Los Angeles. She got her start in production and in front of the camera and has worked with such award-winning directors as Terrence Mallick, James L. Brooks, Gus Van Sant, Bennet Miller and Aaron Sorkin. These experiences instilled in her a deep and enduring love of flawed, complex characters and stories that find the comedy in spite of the tragedies of life. Most recently she was head of development for former head of Paramount Adam Goodman's company Invisible Narratives, where she produced 2 feature films and EP'd an HBO Max pilot. She has also studied writing and directing with Sundance. Her career goal is to continue being a multi-hyphenate in the vein of Sharon Horgan.

Known For
Camp Friends, Songbird, A Shame, Cropper Sisters

Writer currently has no listed scripts.