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Cambridge University: Creative Writing

Prague Film School: Film and Journalism

Apart from writing, I have an incredibly strong foundation in music, due to the fact my parents have owned a cello shop in Spain and I grew up with music. I can play and write music at such a standard that I have even written two musicals of my own with dialogue, plot, and music attached. I have dual nationality, and a strong desire to write about characters from different countries and languages.

I’ve written two comedy scripts based in Prague, two musicals, a book of poetry, a collection of short stories, a script based on characters in Andalucia, and a bilingual children’s book. I also run a Youtube channel where I do weekly challenges. I sometimes film myself writing 10k words in a week and I self-publish on Sundays.

I work as a writer for international companies and part-time as a Balkan journalist. During my work as a journalist, I used research skills and creativity to draft articles used in the Financial Times, the New York Times and Nikkie Asia Review. I used satellite imagery to find competitive and economically relevant information that was used for several purposes such as Defense Intelligence and for government surveillance.

I've also worked for Ukrainian startups as a content editor for companies using cutting-edge technology.

I've created cutting-edge case studies that have been used in Disney and agricultural corporations wanting to view deforestation as a roadmap for drought.

Writer currently has no listed scripts.