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Brian is a writer/director in Portland, Oregon. He has directed features (The Black Sea, Sister/Brother), short films (The Big Black Dark), and webseries (Man of La Mansion, Microaggressions). He holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute and is forever seeking a dedicated producer. More information at northernflickerfilms.com

Known For
Man of La Mansion, The Black Sea, MICROAGGRESSIONS (webseries, 2 seasons)


Brian Padian
Drama Comedy

A broke actress and her estranged brother take a road trip to Seattle so she can attend a dinner hosted by her wealthy ex-boyfriend and ask him for money. *currently in production*


Brian Padian
Horror Mystery & Suspense

When an anxiety-prone actress leaves Los Angeles for the summer to relax at a remote property in the Sierra Nevada mountains with her husband, she discovers bloodshed occurred there centuries earlier and that a vengeance-seeking ghost is tracking her.