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Brian Kowalchuk
Comedy Drama

An anxiety-stricken, pot-smoking, world-famous classical pianist must return to the spotlight and play a concert at Carnegie Hall in order to save his Montana ranch house from disappearing into a massive sinkhole. An insecure stripper he relies on to easy his anxieties is targeted by a bullying racist and bigot. *** Placed in Overall Top 10% in 2017 Nicholl Fellowship screenwriting competition. *** 2017 WeScreenplay Feature Screenwriting Semi-Finalist. *** Great coverage in 2017 Slamdance screenwriting competition reads: "The tone of the script is similar to a Thomas Pinchon noir. Overall, a very entertaining story and Haldern's character (male lead) has the potential to go down in cinematic history." R-rated.


Brian Kowalchuk
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A disgraced former NASA astronaut gets a second chance when he is sent into space to repair The Hubble Telescoope. He uncovers an alien plot to destroy all life on Earth and must try to stop it. But then he has to be rescued by SHE, a being of exceptional and extraordinary origin. ** STUDIO FRANCHISE ** Excellent coverage in 2017 Slamdance screenwriting competition said, "This script stands out in it's originality, and the quirkiness makes it a joy to read. It could easily become a cult classic." Also a Strong Consider rating from ScreenplayReaders.com.