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Brett Creane has a lifelong love of film. He spent his childhood in Manomet, Massachusetts, in a big spooky house watching Universal Monster movies. But it was “North By Northwest” that made him stop and think about what goes into a screenplay. And how great they can be.

A graduate of Emerson College, he has worked with artists such as Clive Barker and Jan Debont, and on motion pictures including Starship Troopers, What’s the Worst that Could Happen, and The Perfect Storm.

Screenwriting recognition includes:

• 2017 Film and Script Showcase Adapted Screenplay Competition - Official Selection

• 2017 Screencraft Horror Screenplay Contest - Finalist

• 2014 West Field Screenwriting Awards - Finalist for Best Comedy Screenplay

• 2010 Los Angeles Film & Script Festival - Semi-finalist

• 2010 Terror Film Festival – Honorable Mention

• 2010 Shriekfest Film Festival - Semi-finalist one


Brett Creane, Jason Dugre
Comedy Horror

After finding a monkey's paw - a fabled, cursed artifact that is said to grant wishes at a deadly cost - inside one of their curling stones, a Wisconsin-based curling team full of eccentric dimwits goes on a wish spree that threatens humanity and reshapes the world as we know it...