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Writer and narrative designer working in the game industry, seeking representation to branch out into TV and film.

My original feature "Year of the Horse" was selected for the 2020 Black List Feature Lab, the 2020 CAPE List, and took 1st place in the 2020 Table Read My Screenplay competition's Action/Adventure category, with a $1k cash prize.

I write exciting stories with brains, shit to say, and action setpieces that will rock your socks off. I love researching niche subjects and making the audience care about them as much as I do. Aggressively pushing the envelope on representation tends to be part of the core premise with pretty much any project I care about enough to undertake.

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Brandon Carbaugh
Western Action & Adventure

[2020 Black List Feature Lab script] When bandits attack a frontier Chinatown and justice is denied, an immigrant mother turned legendary outlaw must come out of retirement and confront the past she's tried to forget.