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Writer Scripts


Brad Martocello
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A Muslim girl living in New Jersey hires a war-veteran amputee to help hunt down the man who abused her sister. The unlikely pair's cross country odyssey takes them deep into America and even deeper into themselves where they discover that the monster within may be just as dangerous as the one they hope to bring to justice.


Bradley Martocello
Drama Comedy

Desperate to repay a loan shark, a townie has-been decides to race in a charity triathlon with his little brother, setting in motion a scam with the potential to reunite the estranged brothers. Winner Of The Big Script (Powered by The Black List) Developed into a Short Film --[[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yv2Ma_wNgE ]]-- Boy in a Backpack is a heartwarming comedy-drama about the twisted way life has of bringing you back to what matters most.