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Bob Meseke
Action & Adventure Mystery & Suspense

This tale is much like a late 60's version of American Graffiti. The story begins in a small town in Kansas on a cold and cloudy day in one of the hippest times God gave to man. Sure there was the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement and the War Against Drugs but it was also the time of discovery of oneself, the world and of some of the greatest music ever to grace the airwaves. Three twenty-something’s: an ex-Marine, a hippie and farm girl embark on a summer river venture to harvest and sell marijuana, along the river from Cody, Wyoming's North Platte to the Missouri River and down the Mississippi River to Baton Rouge to make their fortune.


Bob Meseke
Drama Mystery & Suspense

A revolver is purchased by a young man for his pregnant wife's protection as he goes off to join the military. Events take place to change the original intent and the gun takes on a life of its own and goes from owner to owner. As it travels through a small southern Texas town in the United States, sometimes the weapon is used for good and sometimes bad, but in every case it's deadly. The gun is a chrome plated .38 caliber snub-nose with a pearl handle and it becomes the focal point of the movie - it is the main character, the star. The story is a gritty crime thriller that explores the topical issue of gun violence in America in a number of compelling ways, and from many points of view.