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Hey, there my name is Blake Laitner I'm 32 from Eugene, Oregon. I'm a filmmaker that has directed, produced, and written many short films including an award-winning film with my father called "The Stairs". Now I'm getting my taste of written feature films and I love it "The Winter Farmer" is the first screenplay I have written. Also just finished another one called "Space Pimps" about a feminist male pimp name Freezy P force into pimping hoes, and rather be a hair stylist the script is hilarious coming soon. I'll never stop directing, producing, and writing films I love it.

Known For
The American Dream, The Stairs, Til Death Do Us Part


Blake Laitner, Steven Tarnofsky
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the distant future, a farmer fights to bring natural agriculture back to the world,after an evil mastermind and his virtual food production company attempt to maintain winter on earth and block out the sun.


Blake Laitner, Sampson Ray Simon
Comedy Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A new graduate must join a group of ragtag, intergalactic pimps to save his father from the clutches of an alien warlord.