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Biagio Gulino is a collaborative filmmaker based in the New York area with a wide lens of experience in feature film, documentary, and television production. He has worked in the film industry since 2016, working in camera, locations, and production departments. Biagio uses his background as a creative producer to cultivate ideas and build them into fully-fledged projects to bring to market. As a writer, he specializes in horror, fantasy, and genre content.

Known For
Antarctica (2020), Venus - Short (2018), Bitter River (2021)
Special Skills


Biagio Gulino, Tyler Kamens
Horror Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A group of documentary filmmakers travels to Norway to interview the sole suspect in a gruesome occult murder from the 1990s - legendary black metal musician, Baator. As questions emerge about their subject, a dangerous new mystery unfolds...