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I’ve spent 15 years in Florida working as an AC, Operator, and the occasional DP. Mostly commercials, but I’ve been on a handful of TV shows and features as well.

During this time I wrote and directed 2 micro budget features, got an 8 on the blcklst, and optioned a few specs.

I’m a huge fan of horror, thrillers, and comedies.


Ben Klopfenstein

Randall and his two best friends spend the summer after high school “working” at an ice cream parlor near a retirement community. When the owner threatens to close shop, Randall decides to get his shit together for once and do something worthwhile: save “Scoopers!”


Ben Klopfenstein
Mystery & Suspense

A young country couple goes camping in the Florida wilderness, but when a mysterious stranger shows up, their peaceful weekend takes a decidedly less peaceful turn.


Ben Klopfenstein

While out spreading Christmas cheer, a Bismarck State a cappella group is viciously attacked and held hostage by a deranged doctor who's interested in more than just their vocal cords.