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I’ve spent 15 years in Florida working as an AC, Operator, and the occasional DP. Mostly commercials, but I’ve been on a handful of TV shows and features as well.

During this time I wrote and directed 2 micro budget features, and optioned a few specs.

I’m a huge fan of horror, thrillers, and comedies.


Ben Klopfenstein
Action & Adventure

A struggling construction worker’s daughter gets kidnapped on their way to Disney, culminating in a high speed chase down Florida’s I-95.


Ben Klopfenstein

On her way to 1 million subscribers, a young house flipping YouTuber encounters a basement that’s a helluvalot more work than she bargained for.


Ben Klopfenstein
Mystery & Suspense

A young country couple goes camping in the Florida wilderness, but when a mysterious stranger shows up, their peaceful weekend takes a decidedly less peaceful turn.


Ben Klopfenstein

While out spreading Christmas cheer, a Bismarck State a cappella group is viciously attacked and held hostage by a deranged doctor who's interested in more than just their vocal cords.


Ben Klopfenstein

Randall and his two best friends spend the summer after high school “working” at an ice cream parlor near a retirement community. When the owner threatens to close shop, Randall decides to get his shit together for once and do something worthwhile: save “Scoopers!”