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Bear Kosik started his fourth career as a writer in June 2014. His screenplays and teleplays have received several awards and many laurels. Five of his short plays have premiered in NYC festivals and have appeared elsewhere. A full-length was part of NY Summerfest 2018 and had a three-week residency at The Players Theatre in Manhattan. He has (co)authored four novels and a book on democracy that explains how he predicted Donald Trump’s victory over a year before the election. His fiction, poetry, photo art, and essays have been published by Third Flatiron Press, River & South Review, Calliope, Windmill (Hofstra University), Weasel Press, opednews.com, and others.


Bear Kosik
Comedy Drama

A cowboy and his accountant partner, a bi-curious tourist and his gay friend, a cowgirl and her rancher lover, an aging bartender and a promiscuous delivery driver figure out starting, stopping, maintaining, and avoiding romantic relationships during the International Gay Rodeo weekend in Denver.


Bear Kosik
Drama Comedy

Reality takes a detour when three siblings reunite after one has crashed a car into a tree and a psychiatrist tries to uncover the real story.