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Writer Scripts


Aramis Fontenol, Barbro Karlen
Family Animation

The Blossom Goddess brings Saga, a bullied and lonely 12-year old Swedish girl, on a journey beyond a million stars to the incredibly beautiful Blossom Kingdom, where no evil exists. Here, Saga can create things with her mind and her new petal clothes change colors according to her thoughts. “Why can’t I make my colors prettier?” asked Saga, rubbing on her very dark petal clothes. “Change only comes from your inner thoughts,” replied Blossom Goddess.Her new friends, the Blossom Children, are delightfully fun and overflowing with oomph. They make soft-happy sounds of Low Whoosh-Purrings and Mid-Petal Flutters! Perky and Pithy, Twirly and Tiny, Healey, Witty and Muffles, and Shiny, share secrets with Saga and take her on joyous, unearthly adventures in their world, which is so very different from her own.When Saga shares a story, the Blossom Children are truly shocked to learn about bullying, loneliness, and how difficult life lessons can be on Earth.How can these two vastly different worlds have anything in common, and why was Saga brought there? Most surprisingly, she and her new friends discover exactly how connected their two worlds really are.