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Barbro Karlen / Aramis Fontenol
Horror Drama

Perpetrated evil events trigger explicit past life memories in a Police woman's story of survival.


Barbro Karlen / Aramis Fontenol
Family Animation

A troubled 12-year old poet is transported to a colorful, mystic realm, where a group of friendly otherworldly beings use their magic wiles to help her come to grips with a tragic loss that marred her past. SYNOPSIS: Sweden 1966. We are introduced to SAGA (12) a child prodigy who has already become a published author. Lonely, angry, and bullied in school, she blames it all on her fame when, in fact, Saga is quite snotty and has forgotten how to be humble and kind. Then, double-tragedy strikes with the loss of her father and, more recently, the death of her beloved teacher, KARIN (27). Saga is grief-stricken, despite the loving efforts of her hard-working mother, MUMLAN (48), who even buys her a horse. It’s ten o’clock at night, Saga sits in her study, writes; One day at the beach, I was sad and alone. I asked; “Why am I so different? I wish I could be anywhere else.” Saga’s wish is answered by BLOSSOM GODDESS, an ethereal beauty who flies down from the sun. Blossom Goddess: “You are different”. She invites Saga “for a moment in the Blossom Kingdom.” Hand-in-hand, they fly through space and time beyond a million stars. They land in a world of dazzling beauty, and Saga is further surprised when meeting the Blossom children, amazingly colorful little beings with huge, twinkling eyes, flowery heads, petal clothes, and green-leaf boots. Seven step forward as Saga’s guides – PERKY and PITHY, the musicians, TWIRLY, the athlete, TINY, shy and hugely sincere, MUFFLES, a garbled mumbler, WITTY, hyper-eloquent and Muffle’s translator, and HEALY, the wariest of them, who is ambivalent to humans. Together, Blossom children and Saga share never-before-seen adventures: The magical PLUNGE POOL, the AURIC SHOWER ARCH, the race up the CURVY-CLIMBY ROAD and the MUSIC VEIL-WAVE that carries Saga up to the MOUNTAIN TOP and is “herded” by the LITTLER BUDS, tiny flying creatures which zip-whip-zoom about. Saga floats through the magnificent THOLO SHOWER TEMPLE, and swim-flies through the floating LAKE AIRON. Saga learns that her thoughts impact not only herself, but all those around her and that true happiness can only come from within. Through her journey, Saga tells a story she has written when her beloved teacher died. Her grief and anger are transformed into an understanding that souls never really die, they keep living in another dimension, one that most people can’t see. At its conclusion, the villain, VICE-PRINCIPAL ANDERSSON, realizes that she’s the reason for Karin’s death. She is faced with her own ugliness in the shape of little IDENTICLES and has a true change of heart. When Saga ends her story, she sees SHINY, the most beautiful Blossom Child, and finds that Shiny is Karin. Transported back to the beach, Saga looks at her watch; she’s been gone for just one minute! Saga sits at her desk, writing the last words, angle on wall clock; it’s now one-minute past ten. 109 Pages.