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Ariana Quiñónez has been performing in mariachi bands as a violinist and singer since the age of eight, and has spent the past couple decades working hard to entertain drunk Mexicans during the most magical moments of their lives. A Central Valley native from Bakersfield, California, Ariana enjoys writing dramedies, which she likes to define as dramas that aren’t afraid to be funny, or comedies with heart. She earned her fandom cred working as an entertainment journalist and podcast host for the website Hypable, and simultaneously spent several years working as a teacher in every grade ranging from Pre-K through college freshmen. She has written for the CW’s ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO.


Ariana Quiñónez
Drama Comedy

Social justice warriors clash with social media influencers in this modern Jane Austen mashup. Set in present-day LA, Austen’s famous leading ladies interweave through each other’s stories, exploring culture, class, and celebrity living as Latina teens. (One-hour dramedy)