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ARI FRANKEL (composer, writer) has collaborated with Fiona Shaw, Suzanne Ciani, William H. Macy, Michael Apted, Anthony Minghella, Elizabeth Kemp, Arthur Penn, The Actors Studio, LaMama, and many others.

He has explored The Tibetan Book of the Dead, T.S. Eliot, The Old Testament, Anne Sexton, Ezra Pound, and Primo Levi, among others. Soundtracks include the Robert Redford produced "Incident At Oglala", Rebo Studio's "Passage To Vietnam", and the original classic "Once Upon a Potty".

A Grammy Award nominee and multiple International TV & Film Festival awards winner, The Glasgow Herald felt "true passion" in Ari's work, The London Times marveled at "light seeming materials building an overwhelming effect," and The Village Voice determined his "emotionally charged originality" is "wonderfully poignant and plangent."

His "An Irish Errand" has already received good coverage from BlueCat, Coverfly, Scriptpalooza, and American Zoetrope.

Known For
Incident at Oglala, Once Upon a Potty, Tel Aviv Stories, R.L. Stine's Ghosts of Fear Street
Highest Staffing Level
Executive Producer


Ari Frankel
Romance Drama

Paralyzed by success, self-exiled SAMUEL BECKETT is summoned from Paris to hometown Dublin by his first love ETHNA MACCARTHY, for a deathbed visit.