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I have won 49 awards with 7 screenplays since August 2020, and 'SHAPESHIFTER', my latest Horror just completed, has won Honourable Mention (Best Screenplay) for the: 'ARROW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL' Jan 2023, Best Screenplay for the; 'ANDROMEDA FILM FESTIVAL' Nov 2022, Best Feature Screenplay for the; 'TEMPLE TOWN FILM FESTIVAL', Nov 2022, and Best Feature Screenplay for the; 'GENRE CELEBRATION FESTIVAL' Nov 2022.

My latest Thriller; 'Duty' is an Award Winner as: Best Screenplay for the; 'GLADIATOR FILM FESTIVAL, Sept 2022', Best Script for the; 'MEZOPATAMYA ULUSLARARASI FILM FESTIVAL, Sept 2022', Best Script for the: 'CANNES International Cinema Festival, July 2022', Best Feature Script for the; 'ICON Film Awards, July 2022', Best Thriller screenplay for the 'Best Script Award - London festival, 2022', Honorable Mention: Feature Script for the 'Florence Film Awards 2022,' Best unproduced script (Nominee) 'Milan Arthouse Film Awards 2022', Best Thriller/Suspense Screenplay for the 'Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2021', Best Screenwriting for the 'Krimson Horyzon International Film festival 2021', Best screenplay of the month for the: 'Gothamite Film Awards NY (Oct)2021', Best Thriller screenplay for the Mount Fuji International Film Fest. 2021, Best Screenplay for the 'Oaks International Film Festival 2020', Best Original Screenplay for the 'Rome International Movie Awards 2020', Best Thriller Screenplay for the 'Los Angeles Film awards 2020' (Aug), Best International Screenplay at the; 'Rocky Mountain International Film Festival', Best Screenplay at the; 'Bridge Fest Vancouver festival' (Oct 2020), Best Thriller script 'Moody Crab Film Festival 2020', and Special Mention award for BEST FEATURE SCRIPT at the Uruvatti International Film Festival (Dec 2020). It was also an Award Winner as; Honourable Mention: FEATURE SCRIPT in the 'New York Movie Awards' 2020 (Sept), the 'Milan Gold Awards' 2020 (September) and (NOMINEE); Best Feature Screenplay 'Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest 2021', and FINALIST in the; 'European Cinematography Awards 2021'. My latest Sci/Fi script: 'DELANEY'S WORLD' won BEST INTERNATIONAL SCREENPLAY at the: 'It came from the sky' Science Fiction festival (Oct 2020).

'BAD TRIP' is my latest HORROR just completed and is an Award Winner as Best Screenplay for the: 'Hollywood Horrorfest 2021', Best script plot award for the; 'Silver Mask Live LA festival 2021', Best Horror Script of the Month for the; 'Gothamite Film Awards NY (Oct)2021', Best Fantasy/Feature script for the: 'Horror Bowl Movie Awards 2021', (Best Characters) Thriller Screenplay for the, 'Adbhooture Film Festival 2021', Best Thriller Screenplay for; 'The Thing In The Basement HORROR fest 2021', Best Original Screenplay for the; 'Hollywood Blood Horror Festival February 2021', and (Honourable Mention) for the 'Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival, March 2021'. My Thriller: 'End-Line' won (Honourable Mention) Thriller Screenplay for the; 'Genre Star 2021' and my previous Horror: 'The Last Guard' won the Best Original feature film script of the month for the; 'Gothamite Film Awards NY (Oct)2021', the HORROR FEATURE SPECIAL JURY PRIZE at the 'Drama Inc Screenplay Competition 2020', and also finalist in the: '13HORROR.COM Film & Screenplay festival', the 'Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards', the 'Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards 2020', and the 'Five Continents International Film Festival'.

I have been involved in Film and theatre over the past 25 years and worked on-stage as an actor in the U.K's Royal National Theatre alongside Sir Ian McKellen. This was a Trevor Nunn production of Ibsen's 'An enemy of the People' and is proving invaluable to the pursuit of my writing career. I am also an avid reader of novels and non-fiction historical books. The first screenplay I wrote was entitled: 'In the company of heroes' based on my Great Uncle Private James Stokes V.C. who won the Victoria Cross in the second world war. I gave a short interview on the 'History Channel' and the story features in their book: 'The Family History Project' under the title: 'An Unlikely Hero'. My second screenplay was entitled: 'Buccaneers of Brig O' Doon', an action/adventure tale, of which I have written a novelization which is available on the websites of Amazon, Waterstones, WH Smiths. I then completed my Sci/fi thriller: 'Delaney's World' then a thriller/chiller; 'End-Line' which also exists as a novelization having being published by Andrews UK and available on Amazon.



Anthony Ford
Mystery & Suspense Horror

When a failed, Russian military experiment is cut loose, then the Scottish Highlands is the perfect terrain to unleash a psychotic shapeshifter, with a vengeance.