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Warfighter | Explorer | Filmmaker. A multi-optioned screenwriter and director, Anthony's screenplays have placed at Austin Film Festival and the Nicholl Fellowships. Anthony is a 23-year Army retiree with three of those years spent on battlefields. His combat deployments give him a unique voice on violence and its consequences.


Anthony Crossen
Drama Action & Adventure

When a bitter young soldier, disappointed with his short career, is suddenly re-routed to Afghanistan, he's woefully unprepared when a surprise attack leaves him stuck behind enemy lines with his squad leader, a veteran war fighter who may be suicidal.


Anthony Crossen
Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the aftermath of civil war, a band of teen misfits discover a radical, new military prototype, and unleash the wrath of a career officer hellbent on protecting the truth behind government's new military buildup.